A culture of growth mindset brings out a better and healthier you.

At Amway, we hire and grow good people. At our core, we’re genuine people with passion and a purpose for helping others live better, healthier lives.

Our organization is full of avid learners who pursue their passions and do what they love. We are filled with people who are dedicated not only to discovering their passions, but to developing skills, building knowledge, and expanding perspectives that all contribute to that passion.  We love the energy that comes from getting in touch with who we are, what we enjoy, and what we want to achieve.

On this journey, we explore new paths by challenging the status quo, using bold new approaches to experiment courageously, and learning from our failures to succeed in the future. The key to these actions lies in our ability to be creative, where we feel inspired to generate new ideas and explore unique solutions. By improving here, not only will it directly help us in our careers, but it will also allow us to better coach our team members.

While we may not consider ourselves to be creative, we've all solved problems in the past, and we'll solve them again in the future.

And thriving is uncertainty, and bouncing back from setbacks, is a non-negotiable in this changing world. If we quit when things get tough, or stay down when we get knocked down, it becomes that much harder to bounce back the next time we encounter failure. We are already skilled at bouncing back and by tapping into our growth mindset and continuing to view challenges as possibilities, we’ll be even better equipped to handle anything life throws at us. By role-modeling grit and resilience, we set both ourselves and our teams up for success at Amway.

This means we support and care for one another, share important conversations, learn from each other, and have each other’s back—on the good days and the tough days. It’s what makes our work better, our impact bigger, and our culture worth belonging to. Interested in joining our family?

It's big, but there's always room for more.