A Culture of support, flexibility, partnership, and creativity is needed now more than ever.

At Amway, we encourage employees to sound out their minds. We want each of us at Amway to Share Openly and Directly, because that is what helps us build an honest, direct culture that brings out our best.

We have made great strides and by continuing to share our point of view in a straightforward way, even when it is different from others, building an environment where employees can bring their true self to work. The impact of this will be powerful, leading to teams where all feel comfortable speaking up and listening to the voices of others.

It helps us think about the full picture and consider how our actions impact not just our immediate team, but also other markets, functions, and the enterprise. Thinking in this way allows us to work more collaboratively together, increasing not only trust but innovation as well to live the Think “We before me.”

Finally, to truly Lead with Heart we must Include everyone by creating an environment that seeks diverse experiences and perspectives. We continue treating people equally and understanding and valuing the very things that make us different.

Across more than 100 markets worldwide, we are powered by people just like you—and a lot of people unlike you. That is the beauty of a diverse workplace—bringing different ideas and points of view together to make something great.

Amway culture is shaped by each one of us! So, let us join and embark on this journey together.