At Amway, the Culture Connects Us, it starts with each of one of us and involves all of us…  

It is an integral part of Amway Global more than 60-year history helping people live better, healthier lives. This purpose starts with each of us. The culture we create together shapes our daily experiences and how we passionately support Amway Business Owners and their customers around the world. It is essential to accelerate our growth in a competitive, ever-changing marketplace. 

Everyone at Amway Vietnam, we help create our culture through what we say and do. Culture is strongly influenced by our company values, policies, practices, leadership, and the environments where we work. 

As we travel our journey to A70 (Amway Global 70 years anniversary), we have always had a unique and great culture at Amway - The Founders’ Growth Mindset. We are a global family of people who live to serve, love to learn, and lead with heart–empowering employees, ABOs (Amway Business Owners), and local communities to lead better, healthier lives. 


Our Founders Fundamentals and values will continue to strongly influence the Founders’ Growth Mindset and Amway’s vision. The three pillars of this mindset are: 

LIVE TO SERVE – have a shared sense of urgency to help ABOs succeed with customer experience.  

LOVE TO LEARN – get outside our comfort zone, take risks, learn fast and never stop doing what we love. 

LEAD WITH HEART – think “we before me”, show the way with love, humility, and work together to do the right thing. 

This means we support and care for one another, share important conversations, learn from each other, and have each other’s back—on the good days and the tough days. It is what makes our work better, our impact bigger, and our culture worth belonging to.

Join with Amway Vietnam, the biggest family you will ever be part of.