Legal Manager

Type: Permanent

Department: Legal & Business Rule Compliance

Level: Manager

Locations: Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Role Purposes:

JOB SUMMARY: Manage the whole legal operation in the below areas to support business legal & compliance operation:
-    Corporate Licensing (main license & sub license) 
-    Legal advice to business functions (new & daily business issues & operation, new launches, promotion, advertising, IP….) 
-    Business contract review & modification (300 mil & up) 
-    Procedural (legal dispute- conflicts externally: Distributors, Services providers……) 
-    Manage & consult legal compliance with all applicable regulations
-    Complaint handling and crisis control 
-    Manage, revise, and register ROC, SA 88 with the licensing authority
-    Legal updates & training


1.    Responsible for ensuring that the operation of the company complies with laws and other prevalent regulatory provisions.
•    Set up legal relevant processes to better manage the legal risks and protect the company’s interest (process, policy, web compliance).
•    Study and monitor existing and new laws/ regulations, conduct analysis and provide insightful recommendations to assure the company's compliance with applicable laws/regulations (MLM industry and related law regulations). 
•    Evaluate proposals, action plans and other situations that may have legal impact and determine pertinent course of action as required.
•    Conduct legal review necessary to business initiatives (web content, product claim, meeting contents, …)

2.    Lead contract management in legal compliance 
•    Prepares and / or reviews contracts, letters of agreement and other documents to ensure its legal compliance.
•    Set up contract management system, ensure the security of company’s transaction and improve the contract approval procedure
•    Review the various business supporting materials printed or published by the company and ensure the legal compliance
•    Provide legal support for disputes arising from contract implementation.

3.    Internal & External audit lead 
      Internal Audit 
•    Lead team for internal check of business departments.  
•    Lead team in train/coach Legal Supervisor for this task
•    Get ready valid documents for external audit
     External Audit
•    Lead team to work with cross function for external audits
•    Key in charge of audit by provinces (nationwide) 

4.    Corporate and MLM Licensing management 
•    Leading team to get Corporate and MLM licenses nationwide (63 provinces) 
•    E.com. web licensing and reports

5.    Complaints & Crisis management
•    Initially advise for normal complaint case
•    Support Sale Admin Team in distributor relationship, husband & and wife, inheritance process, …
•    Key member of Crisis Management Team for serious case

6.    Litigation 
•    Handle dispute from customer, distributors, vendors, …
•    Litigation process at the court

7.    Business Conduct Rule 
•    Legal advise for violation on Rule of Conduct by distributors
•    Make sure the enforcement process of team
•    Training and communication to distributors on law regulations
•    Unauthorized sale control

8.    Project engagement
•    New project engagement for legal advise

Skills & Knowledge:

- Strong written and oral communication skills in both Vietnamese and English.
- Solid technical legal knowledge and experience.
- Good persuasion and negotiation skills.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Strong sense of responsibility and highly self-motivated personality.
- Dependable, trustworthy, and able to keep sensitive information confidential. 
- High degree of ethics, honesty and conviction.
- Be proactive and action oriented.
- Good ability of risk analyzing, problem solving and solid judgment.
- Direct Selling experience preferred.


- Education: Legal
- Bachelor’s degree or above from accredited law school
- 4 to 6 years of legal experience, including minimum of 2 years law firm experience in corporate law with experience working with international clients or in a legal position in a foreign invested company
- Licensed to practice law in Vietnam.