Key Account Specialist

Type: Permanent

Department: Sales & Training

Level: Experienced

Locations: Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Role Purposes:

I. Analyze

  • Analyzes qualification and re-qualification data to identify root cause problems
  • Identifies patterns within qualification and re-qualification data that indicate both recurring obstacles and positive trends
  • Understands the individual client’s motivations and goals and can predict key needs

II. Plan

  • Develops tailored messaging for specific clients to address short-term, tactical concerns
  • Qualifies short-term, tactical growth opportunities to guide and advise accounts
  • Determines best way to position local sales strategy alongside the account’s potential short-term goals in coordination with line manager

III. Implement

  • Sets appropriate agendas for meetings to drive the local execution of strategy
  • Opens the meeting in way that establishes credibility as a true Amway expert
  • Uses open-ended questions to probe for growth opportunities to help the account troubleshoot tactical issues affecting the execution of local strategy
  • Explores the account’s current, short-term (1 year) desired outcome
  • Identifies strengths and gaps in the local execution of strategy
  • Helps the account define solutions to core problems affecting the local execution of strategy and the account’s desired outcome
  • Helps the account create a tactical plan to achieve success
  • Provides the account with the information they need to identify where qualification/requalification breakdowns and obstacles occur
  • Ensures the account uses standard metrics and policies to monitor progress against the tactical plan

IV. Monitor

  • Measures account performance in relation to the agreed upon tactical plan
  • Generates alerts and notifications to drive tactical execution and downline performance
  • Serves as the single point of contact for all business-related issues and requests

V. Non-Key Account task:

  • Manage & lead sales or clients' related projects as per assignment.
  • Closely partnering to support accounts for creating & planning field activities initiatives such as recruiting, rallies, seminars… in order to motivate, develop & maximize their force.
  • Lead, direct, evaluate, and develop a qualified & high engaged team to achieve established goals.

Skills & Knowledge:

• Good in data (sales KPIs, revenue, profit, business overall, ...) and strong data analysis skills
• Proficient in English
• Effective communication & excellence presentation skills in both VIetnamese and English
• Business acumen with the ability to analyze, identify objectives, plan, and execute realistic business plan
• Customer-centric mindset with strong experience in building trust with clients and influence them for their supports on company plan and strategy,


• Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Economics or related fields
• 2-5 years of experience in Key Account Management, Business Development, Business Consultant or related job roles